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Travelers who are sensitive to environmental protection and who rely on eco-sustainable tourism are constantly increasing.

Saracen Sands Hotel of Isola delle Femmine, in the evocative setting of the homonymous Natural Reserve, is consolidated as a hotel attentive to the theme of environmental sustainability. We believe that it is possible to join the forces and adopt the appropriate behaviours to contribute together to the defence of the planet, without sacrificing the comfort.

We have implemented a series of “green” choices aimed at limiting the environmental impact, affirming that the smallest attention and awareness of our customers can make a difference.

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Our Choises as green hotel


Photovoltaic and solar thermal system

We have chosen solar energy: clean, safe and inexhaustible. In 2020, with an investment of 200 thousand euros, we installed a photovoltaic system with a power of 121 Kwp on the roof of the building and, thanks to the available technologies, we can constantly monitor the CO2 impact that is annually saved. The avoided emissions of carbon dioxide are equal to approximately 69,600 kg in one year and over 1 million kg in a twenty-year projection, taking also into account the considerable savings in fuel used. The solar thermal system in use produces thermal energy for domestic hot water, thanks to the solar collectors installed which contribute to a significant reduction in C02 emissions, calculated at around 4000 kg per year.

riciclo carta

Paper Recycling

The staff embraces the green philosophy: where possible, we choose to recycle paper and limit the printing of documents, if not necessary.


Children's garden

The children's area was created to allow the little ones to have a green experience with games and small rides made of PEFC@ certified coniferous wood, treated in an autoclave according to European standards, using less than 1% plastic. A garden that contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to the use of wood obtained at zero km from PEFC® - FCS@ certified forests and to the use, during all processes, of energy obtained exclusively from renewable sources.

prodotti locali

Local products

We are aware that the transport of products has an economic and environmental impact. For this reason, for our restaurant, we prefer to choose and purchase, as far as possible, products and raw materials at Km 0 which, in addition to containing costs, allow us to support local economies and have a lower environmental impact.

Energy saving

We monitor and record total consumption through a series of measures:
- in the restaurant halls we have introduced water purifiers from which each guest can get supplies using glass carafes sterilized with UVC rays and this to avoid waste.
- we have revised the entire lighting system and mainly installed low-consumption LED lighting.
- we have renewed the entire air conditioning system, which is now more efficient and gentle on the environment.
- we have adopted the use of electronic keys for the rooms, to control the dispersion of electricity.
- the conferences rooms, as well as the restaurant halls, have been renovated in order to take advantage of natural light thanks to large windows.
- with the installation of the new Schüco fixtures in the hall as in most of the rooms, we were able to reduce heat loss and, by increasing natural light, promoted energy savings.
- we invite our guests to keep low the consumption of water and detergents, as they can choose to reuse towels and bedding, reducing the frequency of linen changes in the room.

riduzione plastica

Plastic reduction and use of eco-responsible products

We have considerably decreased the use of plastic containers, reducing waste and we are working to further optimize our interventions. We have chosen to put in the bathrooms eco-sustainable products such as Ecolabel toilet paper and dispensers for toiletries, reducing disposable plastic. For the cleaning of our hotel, we rely on ecological and biodegradable products, avoiding chemical detergents.

area verde

Green Area

The wide park of lush palm trees, overlooking the sea, with the lawn is our flagship. Flowering bougainvillea hedges and rich vegetation characterize some of our outdoor environments. The green area welcomes customers from the moment they enter the hotel.

noleggio bici

Bike rental

For an outdoor experience, we offer the possibility of renting bikes to explore the surrounding area.

Environmental awareness

With constant communication through social and web channels, we post news, updates, implemented actions and obtained certifications.

Saracen Hotel is Green

Watch the video presentation of our photovoltaic system

Saracen Sands Hotel is consolidated as a hotel attentive to the theme of environmental sustainability