Green Hotel



Travelers who are sensitive to environmental protection and who rely on eco-sustainable tourism are constantly increasing.

Saracen Sands Hotel of Isola delle Femmine, in the evocative setting of the homonymous Natural Reserve, is consolidated as a hotel attentive to the theme of environmental sustainability. We believe that it is possible to join the forces and adopt the appropriate behaviours to contribute together to the defence of the planet, without sacrificing the comfort.

We have implemented a series of “green” choices aimed at limiting the environmental impact, affirming that the smallest attention and awareness of our customers can make a difference.

Are you looking for a green hotel near Palermo? Choosel Saracen Sands Hotel.

Our Choises as green hotel


Solar and photovoltaic panels

prodotti locali

Local products

riduzione plastica

Plastic reduction and use of eco-responsible products

prodotti ecologici pulizia

Ecological products for cleaning

Low consumption

riciclo carta

Paper Recycling

area verde

Green Area

noleggio bici

Bike rental

Sensitive to the theme of sustainable development, the Saracen Sands Hotel embraces some of the SDGs objectives of the United Nations 2030 agenda, with particular reference to Goal 2 (Defeat hunger) and Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production).
With this in mind, our hotel supports the Food Bank of Sicily ODV, whose will see the final draw on 30 September 2022, with the aim of combating waste and redistributing food by giving it new value.

Saracen Hotel is Green

Watch the video presentation of our photovoltaic system