Green Hotel




Saracen Sands Hotel is an immense white Mediterranean-style structure located right in the middle of two nature reserves (Capo Gallo and Lo Zingaro), set on a beach of very fine sand overlooking the islet of females which is a another marine protected area. Behind it, the Mollica and Raffo Rosso mountains and the typical vegetation of the place.

We are fully aware of the great responsibility of our policies and/or actions towards the surrounding environment and the impact that our structure can have in terms of pollution.

For this reason, many investments have been made since 2016 aimed at saving energy and reducing emissions significantly; to awareness-raising activities aimed at “educating” the structure and its guests on a healthier management of resources.

The goal is to make a concrete contribution to the great challenge of defending the health of our planet. For a sustainable and aware tourism.

Our concrete actions as Green Hotel

Social commitment

Nature, culture and society are at the heart of our policies.

For over fifty years, local men and women have looked at the Saracen as a dream structure by the sea and testimony to the infinite possibilities of our land, present in the memories and imagination of several generations and which for the young be an inspiration for change, innovation and style.

We have established a continuous dialogue with local communities and administrations, making our know-how available and learning from local traditions how to help respect the past and design the future of our places.

  • We are right between two municipalities, Isola delle Femmine and Capaci and for years we have been dreaming of a unique brand for our seafront that can tell the strengths of our land, a large coast recognized by small niches of travelers such as the famous “coast of sunsets“. Our commitment is precisely to propose to the administrations to create a single communication product that tells about our beaches and the peculiarities of an extraordinary territory between two nature reserves.
  • Since 2021 we have launched a small communication campaign “Clean dish, enjoy your meal”, aimed at making our guests aware of conscious consumption of food, concretely avoiding filling their plate excessively with food that is not actually consumed.
  • Sensitive to the issue of sustainable development, the Saracen Sands Hotel has embraced some of the SDGs objectives of the United Nations 2030 agenda, with particular reference to Goal 2 (Defeat hunger) and Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production). In fact, in 2022 we supported the Food Bank of Sicily ODV, with the aim of combating waste and redistributing food, giving it new value
  • We have supported LiberAmbiente in clean beach projects and awareness campaigns. In particular:
    • In 2021 we made a logistical and communicative contribution to the awareness activity for swimmers, in the midst of the nesting period of the Caretta Caretta turtles, also making us available to cordon off and protect the nests that would have arisen in our sea area.
    • In 2022, we made our concrete contribution by donating financial support to the project for the construction of an Urban Park, within the “Ageless Green Space” project, in the Capaci area. The goal will be to give citizens, tourists and passers-by a place where it will be possible for the little ones to play, perhaps while reading a book or during a pleasant sports session.
    • In October 2022 we participated in the initiative “Together for our sea” and made our contribution, with a small refreshment, for an ecological walk between the beaches of Capaci and Isola delle Femmine for waste collection.
  • In 2023 we joined the “Le mele di Aism” initiative, to support scientific research on multiple sclerosis and related pathologies.
    By purchasing Aism apples we have done our small part to guarantee services for those affected, most of whom are young people between 20 and 40 years old.
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Acknowledgments and Partnership

  • Thanks to the COSME funds of the European Union ( the staff of the Saracen Sands Hotel has followed a training & mentoring course in order to obtain the Ecolabel certification.
  • Saracen Sands Hotel and its Al Saraceno pizzeria are certified family friendly by the well-known portal, an application that catalogs the institutions “accessible” to families in Italy.
  • Saracen Sands Hotel has received, for the year 2023 – 2024, the Ospitalità Italiana  Certification, attributed to us by the Chamber of Commerce thanks to the collaboration with  ISNART, the National Tourist Research Institute. A prestigious national acknowledgment assigned to hotels  that guarantee compliance with high quality standards in four evaluation areas: quality of service, identity, promotion of the territory, notoriety.