Saracen Hotel is the perfect starting point to discover the most beautiful places in Western Sicily. The geographical location is one of the Saracen’s strength.
Two ridges overlook Isola delle Femmine, creating a small valley, rich in groves, rocks and caves with its typical flora and fauna.

The western ridge is the Raffo Rosso Mountain, above the town of Isola, with white limestone walls which culminates with Pizzo Mollica.

There is also a vast plateau sloping, the ‘Balata’ and, on the the west, the evergreen valley of ‘Quarara’ with Santa Rosalia’s. cave.

From Saracen Hotel you can organize several excursions through these trails, discovering a beautiful landscape up to the extreme offshoot of Punta Raisi, surrounded by endless blue shades of the sea. The view seem painted by an artist with broad brushstrokes of color.

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