Isola delle Femmine & Seaside Villages


Isola delle Femmine, well-known tourist location, is recognizable by fishing boats in the small harbor, which testify its seafaring origin. Its name has an uncertain derivation, borrowed from the little rocky island which is 600 meters from the coast, topped by a late XVIth tower. It is said that the small island was once a prison occupied by Turkish women who were incarcerated on the island. They lived for seven long years until their relatives took the decision to free them. On the contrary Pliny the Younger considered the island the home of beautiful women who offered themselves as prize to the winners of battles. The island is a Marine Protected Area, where you can swim, snorkel and sea watching, discovering a beautiful and rich fish fauna. Continuing towards east, Sferracavallo, a seaside village with a peculiar harbor, is popular for its restaurants by the sea, serving fresh seafood dishes and delicious recipes of Sicilian cuisine. Monte Gallo characterizes the area with its glimpses of priceless natural value; in fact it is the fulcrum of a wide protected area, featuring karst rocks, paths for hiking and local flora and fauna. Before you reach the beautiful Palermo, impossible not to discover Mondello. It is one of the most famous seaside hotel of Sicily, a few kilometers from the main city. The oldest area, around the old tonnara, consists of a small fishing village, while the rest of the village was redeveloped in the early ‘900, becoming a lovely garden city, symbol of the Belle Epoque with residential villas and Art Nouveau buildings.

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