Palermo will charm you with its noble character; cradle of Arab-Norman civilization, today is a vibrant metropolis characterized by a colorful melting-pot of cultures. Its rich history, marked by several dominations, has shaped its essence. The Arab era characterized the city with amazing palaces, lush gardens and a delicious culinary tradition.
The Norman period gave Palermo the reputation of cultured city, welcoming the most important European writers.
Palermo reveals priceless beauty jewels, which highlight these many cultural influences: the Norman Palace, Martorana Church, Massimo theater, the Cathedral, Palazzo Conte Federico, Quattro Canti, San Giovanni degli Eremiti, Oratorio di S. Cita. and more… folkloristic Ballarò and Vucciria markets, very important museums such as GAM, Palazzo Riso and the Regional Gallery. The Botanical Garden, Piazza Pretoria with its spectacular fountain and the Chinese Palace.

Leaving Palermo, you will still have the opportunity to discover amazing treasures: among them the Cathedral of Monreale; Arab, Norman and Byzantine elements reflect on shining mosaics, making it the “Eighth wonder of the world”.
Going towards east, Cefalu is famous for its Norman cathedral, with its typical square towers and the dazzling mosaic of Christ Pantocrator. The pretty little harbor, the picturesque seaside and Museo Mandralisca are really worth a visit to this charming village.

For nature lovers, from Cefalu you can reach the Madonie Park; this natural area offers beautiful landscapes and several hiking trails.

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