Trapani & San Vito Lo Capo


During your stay at Saracen Sands Hotel it is impossible not discover the rest of western Sicily, finding out another very special area. From Saracen, continuing on the Palermo-Trapani highway, you will reach Scopello and its famous tonnara. Its crystal clear sea and the picturesque cliffs that stand out in front of an enchanting coastline, have turned Scopello into a very popular tourist place. During the latest years, the nearby San Vito Lo Capo has become a must place for those who choose their holiday in Sicily thanks to its lovely white beaches, stunning sea and picturesque lanes.

Zingaro Nature Reserve, 7 km of unspoilt corners, is perfect for those who love nature and trekking.

Erice, a magnificent medieval village, is a unique blend of history, art and culture with its peculiar lanes and the unusual urban layout. The Castle of Venus on the cliff, overlooking the entire town, is worth a visit. During the journey in this area you will be dazzled by the whiteness of Trapani and Marsala salt pans with charming windmills; their economic and environmental importance, has turned the area into a nature reserve from where the famous route of the Via del Sale starts.
Thanks to picturesque piers you can reach the Stagnone Islands; Mothia, the most important, is known for its significant archaeological finds.

Our Guest Relators will be available for further info regarding your daily tours in this wonderful area.

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